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The Co-OperBlanket® not only promotes group cooperation and creativity, but its resistant fabric also produces strong yet flexible bodies!

Co-OperBlanket group resistance band

The Co-OperBlanket is a heavy duty spandex circle of fabric that offers unique perspectives in cooperative movement. Leaning into the resistance provides valuable tactile and proprioception input that is calming and organizing.

Co-OperBlanket's 10 oz. 4-way stretch lycra/spandex strength and elasticity promotes:

  • group co-operation
  • trust
  • individual balance
  • self expression

for up to 8 children at a time. Children love dancing images that are dynamic and active. You can feed them rich imagery, like a ship at sea during a storm. Use it with music. Soon your children will be making up their own stories!


Co-OperBlanket is machine washable, cold water, gentle cycle.


Preschool class led by Kimberly Dye with medium size Co-OperBlanket

Full Year Limited Warranty
All Dye-namic Movement Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from date of shipment. All equipment will wear with use and no guarantee is made against normal deterioration. We recommend you establish a regular inspection program of all equipment, fittings and support systems to guard against injury. Any alteration of equipment or use of equipment in a non-recommended fashion voids all warranties.

Limitation of Liability
Our products are intended for use with adult supervision. Though we use the finest materials available, we cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury.


Special offers


  • Co-OperBlanket Small

    SMALL 60" WIDE  X 10 FT. CIRCUMFERENCE. Good for one adult with 1 or 2 children or two adults.

  • Co-OperBlanket Medium


  • Co-OperBlanket Large


  • Co-Operblanket DVD

    Co-Operblanket DVD



I use BODYSOX in my violence prevention through movement work. Children are paired. One is in the SOX as a baby animal. The other is the parent who bonds through mirroring & teaches the baby how to travel, eat & what to do if there is danger. The parent then protects the baby from pretend dangers. BODYSOX provide kinesthetic feedback, creative stimulation & personal space boundaries. Children love them. After this activity children use BODYSOX when very upset for containment & self-regulation.
Rena Kornblum Director Hancock Center for Arts and Therapy
Sep 15, 2016

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