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Hello, I'm Kimberly Dye, President of Dye-namic Movement Products, Inc. a company I founded in 1995 in order to make available several sensory movement products I designed for both children and adults. Many of my product ideas evolved from using stretch fabrics during my career as a professional ballet dancer, a dance/movement therapist, a Pilates instructor, and playtime as a Mom. As an extremely kinesthetic learner I am always trying to find new ways to experience the joy of sensation and aliveness in our bodies.

I was a career dancer from age 17 until 32.  Classically trained, I danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet, and several independent choreographers living in NY during the 80's. I taught ballet and stretch at Finis Jhung Studio, and Steps on Broadway,   I received my Masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Hunter College in 1986 and wrote my thesis on a fitness approach that I designed: "Innercise, Exercise from the inside out" that blended dance, aerobic movement, and movement therapy.  I took Pilates mat classes from various NY clubs and later did the Balanced Body mat training with Tom McCook. Balanced Body has been a proponent of Stretch-eze inviting me to teach in their exhibit booth at PMA and for a Pilates On Tour in Seattle.

The idea and design for the first product, Co-OperBand, (renamed to ElastaBlast), a circular, bungee-like stretch band, evolved from my first dance therapy position on an inpatient psychiatric unit. Trying to keep psychotic, schizophrenic, chronically depressed patients together in a group was beyond me. At the same time, in 1986, many exercise studios in New York were using dyna-bands to increase muscle strength and elasticity. I imagined a large circle of it for my hospital group to hold on to which not only facilitated individual body strength and awareness but kept them all connected in a group.... without physically touching! Though the idea of using stretch bands in dance/therapy treatment was not new it turned out, the specific durable, tactile pleasing design, quickly became a success in the dance therapy community and went on to win the 1994 Parent's Choice Gold Award.

Airwalker was a design I made originally for Yoga and meditation practice but has been most popular with Occupational Therapists working with children who have sensory challenges. I had been to a theater production where they had burlap sacks suspended that the actors popped in and out of.  I thought to myself "Oh wouldn't that be amazing if they were spandex instead of burlap?"   I remember the first time I actually climbed into a reliable version  I was immediately awed and calmed by the dual pressure and suspension. For me, the feeling of weightlessness while still being deeply held created a safety to expand into a new perception of reality- one that does not rely on our body boundaries but instead on a larger space -be it inner or outer- that when accessed made me feel part of a whole living organism.  To this day I know where to go when I am feeling overwhelmed or lonely.   Right in the hanging sack. :)

Stretch-eze- "The Ultimate Full Body Resistance Band" is now used internationally in highly regarded Pilates and Yoga institutes.  It is probably the simplest of all my designs but took the longest to develop protocols- 8 years- while teaching Pilates mat work in Seattle.  We now have friends in Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland, who are using it in their Pilates training programs. 

We are noticing a few USA companies within our industries who sell inferior products with similar names to our original products...so beware..unless you see the registry mark you might be buying an imposter.  We have seen them and they do not last. Please see our list of authorized sellers. They are sold by major educational, therapeutic, and fitness catalogues and websites. All of our original product designs are sold with registered trademarks and made in the USA with the utmost care.


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Iris and Rebecca Bring Stretch-eze to China!

We have licensed Stretch-eze to TTPilates in China. American and Chinese Pilates instructors in Xiamen have been translating and bringing their Stretch-eze work via manuals, online classes, and training workshops. http://www.ttpilates.com/blog/stretch-eze

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