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March Matness with Your Stretch-eze

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This project was created by Benjamin Degenhardt: "Every day in March, participants across the global Pilates community share their love for the work in a synchronized social media campaign." We invite you to combine two passions: #stretch-eze & #pilates! Grab your mat and your stretch-eze and join us in March as we share Joseph Pilates work combined to the benefits of Stretch-eze! Tag #stretcheze so we can follow your posts and share in our social media. Wishing you all a happy #marchmatness!!



I use BODYSOX in my violence prevention through movement work. Children are paired. One is in the SOX as a baby animal. The other is the parent who bonds through mirroring & teaches the baby how to travel, eat & what to do if there is danger. The parent then protects the baby from pretend dangers. BODYSOX provide kinesthetic feedback, creative stimulation & personal space boundaries. Children love them. After this activity children use BODYSOX when very upset for containment & self-regulation.
Rena Kornblum Director Hancock Center for Arts and Therapy
Sep 15, 2016

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