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Pain Free Pilates DVD

Pain Free Pilates DVD

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Stretch-eze DVD
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"Creative, Unique, Expertly Instructed"
Petra Kolber, Reebok University Trainer, ECA, IDEA, and CANFit Presenter Awards, Contributing Editor of Health Magazine.

Join Kimberly Dye, dance/movement therapist and creator of Stretch-eze, as she takes you through a series of Pilates core strengthening exercises and stretching that use the support and resistance of this unique stretch band.

Dyenamic Core - 26 minutes of core strengthening. Difficult Pilates moves: The Hundreds, Rolldown, Leg Circles, Teaser, and Swan are done with the support of the band making the execution pain free since external muscles can relax while accessing core.

Dyenamic Stretch - 16 minutes of active and passive stretch. Pressing into the resistance of the fabric while stretching the muscles creates eccentric contraction making muscles long and lean while building strength. Joints are supported while maximizing your stretch. Stretching within the loop of support creates core connection and whole body engagement

"A Revolution in Flexibility Training"
Mindy Mylrea, Fitness Guru, starring in over 80 Fitness DVD's, winner of IDEA, CANFit, and OBOW Presenter of the year awards.

"Marvelous Prop...activates the body's intrinsic support structure enabling new found access to the most difficult movements"
Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, Program Director Core Connections, The Pilates Center of Austin

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Iris and Rebecca Bring Stretch-eze to China!

We have licensed Stretch-eze to TTPilates in China. American and Chinese Pilates instructors in Xiamen have been translating and bringing their Stretch-eze work via manuals, online classes, and training workshops. http://www.ttpilates.com/blog/stretch-eze

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