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    Developmental Movement for Therapists and Educators

        2014 Paper presented at the American Dance Therapy National conference in Chicago, IL with Anne Green Gilbert and Kimberly Dye.

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Integrating Movement into Preschool Curriculums

Integrating Movement into Preschool Curriculums to Promote Learning for ALL Children by Laura J. Krueger PT.MA and Mary J. Sullivan-Coleman OTR.MA.
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2015 ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association) Balls and Bands For Boomers by Kimberly Dye

The use of circular whole body stretch bands and small molding balls in movement therapy provides unique ways for the dance movement therapist to address the physical, mental, and emotional issues of aging. This sensory approach stimulates our proprioceptive and neuro-muscular systems responsible for increased receptivity, assimilation, and memory.
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2013 ADTA Sensory Integration Slides by Kimberly Dye

Movement involving several elastic resistance props provides sensory input that is beneficial for children with sensory processing dysfunction. Pressing into or being supported by the walls of heavy spandex can address a multitude of symptoms: sensitivity to touch, hypo or hyper mobility, poor co-ordination, spatial awareness, and body boundaries.

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2012 ADTA Sensory Integration For the Challenged Child by Kimberly Dye

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My three children spent hours playing in the Airwalker for at least five years. Our house was the favorite one for friends since they could go in the hanging cave. Our one son diagnosed with ADHD was particularly relaxed after spending 10 minutes inside. A life saver.
Michelle Q
Sep 15, 2015

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Kateryna Smirnova May 4-5th Stretch-ezeĀ® in England

Kateryna Smirnova


Join MKPilates in the Isle of Man on Pilates Day 2019 at this weekend event to celebrate the opening of the Knockaloe Internment Camp Museum. "I never met Joseph Pilates but was told by those that have, that Joseph always spoke very well of his time at the camp. The first time I visited the camp it was hard to imagine how 24,000 people could live and exist in this small area. But it is here that Joseph developed his method using hospital beds and springs and many stories of how his strength of character that got a whole camp exercising is credited with helping the internees avoid the effects of the influenza epidemic of that time that took many lives.  It is because of his contributions to the camp and the subsequent explosion of his method called Contrology that a special section of the museum is dedicated to Mr. Pilates."

"So this year we have brought together a great team to share the weekend with you with different styles of the Pilates Method and different stories as to why they have been invited.  We have Roberta to represent the New York era of Pilates with her work from her studio in the original home of Joseph Pilates in New York. Elisa, who with APPI have been key players in the introduction of Pilates to the clinical world both in the UK and around the world and then we also have Kateryna who has a foot in both the Traditional work and the Contemporary interpretations while learning and educating other teachers internationally. When Malcolm and I organised the first Pilates Event on the Island more than 10 years ago to honour The Method and help to keep the goals of Joseph Pilates alive, we received such a warm welcome from the people of the Isle of Man.  As we educate and travel all over the world, we find many teachers have no knowledge of the history of the works of Joseph Pilates." 



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