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Stretch-eze for Kids DVD


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Stretch-eze DVD
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"This new DVD with its clear explanations and gentle music, will entice kids and their grown-ups to move with purpose and pleasure, and thereby get "In Sync"

Carol Kranowitz, author of "The Out-of-Sync Child"

Part I- Brain Dance Expert Anne Green Gilbert leads you in 8 early developmental movement patterns- Breath, Tactile, Core/Distal, Right side/Left side, Upper/Lower, Contra Lateral, Vestibular while using the Stretch-eze. Excellent for increasing brain/body responsiveness.

Part II- Pilates Mat Strengthen your core with the tactile and proprioceptive feedback of the Stretch-eze. Kimberly Dye leads Roll-up, Hundreds, Swan, Teaser, and Rolling Ball within the support and feedback of the Stretch-eze

Part III- Stretching for Pairs Use balance and counterbalance with a friend or family member to improve flexibility and ability to connect physically with others.